Of Exaggerated Proportions
Exploring Shapes and Forms 

Activity 1 (10 minutes) 
Look at the two artworks below. Let's think about them using Compare & Contrast.


Bird (1990)

Fernando Botero


Three Birds (2017)

Lee Sangsoo

As you compare & contrast these artworks, consider the following artistic processes:

1) Materiality: What materials did the artists use in the artworks?

2) Inspiration: What was the source of inspiration for the artworks?

3) Experimentation: What are some of the unique ideas that the artists used?

Activity 2  (10 Minutes)
Look at the artworks below by Korean sculptor Lee Sangsoo.
What do you like about his artworks? What makes you say that?

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Activity 3  (40 minutes)

Watch the video below and learn how you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to design a unique a colourful animal sculpture inspired by Lee Sangsoo. At the end of the session, save your PowerPoint Presentations and upload them to your Google Classroom with your name and class.