Still Life Paper Collage

Exploring materiality through still life


Lesson 1


Learning Activity 1

Can you recognise the  object below. 

Have you eaten it before? Describe the taste.

salted Fish.jpg

Let's watch the video below to learn more about its origin. 

Did  You Know?


Artists often use their surroundings as inspiration for their artwork. One of Singapore's Pioneer Nanyang artist, Cheong Soo Pieng used salted fish as a subject matter in his artwork.


In fact, many of us carry this masterpiece wherever we go.  Have you noticed the artworks on the back a $50 dollar note?


Learning Activity 2

Now, let's look  a closer look at the artwork.


Drying Salted Fish  (1970)

Cheong Soo Pieng

Ten times Two 

Look at the artwork quietly. Let your eyes wonder.

List 10 words/phrases about the artwork.

Look at the artwork again. Try to list 10 more words and phrases.

The painting is a work of Chinese ink and colour on cloth. It portrays a group of Malay villagers drying salted fish in a field. It is in the Nanyang style which means that the scene is from this part of the world - South-east Asia or South Sea as the Chinese called it, hence Nanyang and the techniques used are drawn from both Chinese and Western art traditions.

Let's watch this video which had Olivia Lum recalling her memories as a child through the artwork.