Mystical Trees

Exploring Nature Through Mark Making

Lesson 1

Learning Activity 1

Let's learn more about jungles! 

We are going to begin this lesson with a song!

Let's sing together!


How do you feel about this song?

Thumbs Up if you like this song. 

Thumbs Sideways if you are not sure if you like this song.

Thumbs Down if you do not like this song.

Learning Activity 2

What are some of the amazing things we can find in the jungle?

Let's watch the video below for a story about the jungle and more.

Art Challenge

Let's imagine!

Imagine walking through a jungle., what do you see?

Using your imagination and what you have seen and read so far, let's draw a picture of the jungle!



40 minutes



- A3 Drawing Paper

- Coloured Pencils