Mystical Trees

Exploring Nature Through Mark Making

Lesson 3

Learning Activity 1

Look at the artwork below. Let's talk about this artwork using See / Think / Wonder.

What do you see?

What do you think is going on?

What does it make you wonder?

Summertime: Number 9A (1948)

Jackson Pollock


How do you feel about this artwork?

Thumbs Up if you like this artwork. 

Thumbs Sideways if you are not sure if you like this artwork.

Thumbs Down if you do not like this artwork.

Learning Activity 2

Watch the video to learn more about Jackson Pollock and his artistic processes.

Art Challenge

Let's get creative with mark making. 

Using the materials given, create as many different types of marks as you can using a variety of action and movement.



40 minutes



- A4 Drawing Paper

- Oil Pastels

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