Paper Portraits

Exploring Materiality Through Self Portraits 

Lesson 1


Learning Activity 1

Georgette Chen was a pioneer of the visual arts in Singapore, who contributed to the birth of the Nanyang Style in Singapore. Let's learn more about her and and her art by watching the video below. 

The Worlds of Georgette Chen: Artists and Educator


Self Portrait (1946)

Learning Activity 2

Look at this painting by Georgette Chen.

What do you find interesting about it?

- Think if a word to describe how she might be feeling.

- Look at her hairstyle and what she is wearing. 

- Does she remind you of anyone you know? 

"It is difficult for oneself to talk about one's art.

But I did enjoy everything I did."

- Georgette Chen -

Art Challenge

Let's start with 3 characteristics that you would like to share about yourself through a self portrait. Write them down at the back of your drawing paper. Using a mirror, let's observe ourselves and draw a self-portrait.



40 minutes



- Pencil

- A4 Cartridge Paper