Flowers that Bloom

at Midnight

Exploring nature through colours, shapes and patterns

Lesson 1


Learning Activity 1

Lets look at this artwork using See / Think / Wonder.


What do you see?


What do you think is going on?


What does it make you wonder?

What other materials can he use?


Flowers that bloomed at Midnight  (2009)

Yayoi Kusama

‘Flowers that Bloom at Midnight’ is a series of sculptures, each with its own cheerful colour scheme, on which Yayoi Kusama has been working since 2009.  It is designed to be viewed from multiple angles, their arrangement as a midnight garden encourages audiences to move around the  whole area. 

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist well-known for her obsession with dots and patterns.

Ascension of Polkadots on the Trees (2006)

Yayoi Kusama

(along Orchard Road)

Watch and Learn

Let's take a peep into the life of Yayoi Kusama in this short video.

Share Your Learning 

What are 3 things you have learnt about Yayoi Kusama and her style of artmaking.

Share it with a partner.

Art Challenge

Secret Garden Creation

What are some of the things you can find in a garden?

How can you make your garden more interesting? Let's sketch them out.

Here's some videos to inspire you!


40 minutes



- Pencil

- Colour Pencils

- Drawing Paper