Animal Paper Collage

Exploring Shapes & Colours 

Lesson 3


Learning Activity 1

Every animal has a unique type of covering.

Let's learn the difference between fur, feathers and scales with these videos.

Believe it or not, almost all animals shed their skin, even you!

Let's watch this video to find more about this amazing natural phenomenon!

Share Your Learning

What have you learnt about animal coverings?

Which animal do you like best? What makes you say that?

Share your thoughts with a partner.

Play & Learn

Can you identify the animals according to their body coverings? Play this game to find out!

Learning Activity 2

Let's look at the different animal coverings again.

What visual qualities can you see? Let's talk about them.

Describe the different lines, shapes, colours and patterns.

Art Challenge

Now let's try to draw some animal prints on a piece of paper.

Let's draw 4 lines to divide your paper into segments and fill the spaces with different animal coverings to make an animal quilt.


80 minutes



- Pencil 

- Coloured Pencils

- Markers

- A4 Cartridge Paper