Animal Paper Collage

Exploring Shapes & Colours 

Lesson 4


Learning Activity 1

Let's watch this video to learn more about Henri Matisse. 

The Colour Wheel

The colour wheel is a chart that shows the relationship between colours.

Artists often used to the colour wheel to mix and help them think about colours.  

Matisse often arranged complementary colours alongside each other to create a vibrant effect.

Complementary colours are colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel.


Play & Learn

How well do you know  colours? Play this game to find out!

Learning Activity 2

Henri Matisse was known for his use of bright colours and simple shapes. He began to use collage as he got older and started to loose his eyesight. He used brightly coloured paper and scissors to cut out shapes, animals, leaves and flowers and then arranged them. 

Share Your Learning

What have you learnt about Henri Matisse?

What do you think of his artworks? What makes you say that?

Share your thoughts with a partner.

Art Challenge

Now let's create an abstract art paper collage inspired by Henri Matisse and animal prints.


120 minutes



- Coloured Paper

- Scissors

- Glue Stick


1. Using 8 pieces of A5 coloured paper, create 4 sets of animal prints.

2. Cut the animal prints  into different geometric and organic shapes.

3. Arrange them on a piece of A3 coloured paper and paste.