The Majestic Ocean

Watercolour Resist with Crayons

Lesson 1


Learning Activity 1

Look at the artwork below. Let's talk about this artwork using See / Think / Wonder.

What do you see?

What do you think is going on?

What does it make you wonder?

Wandering Series (1979)

Jaafar Latiff

Batik on Cloth

Watch and Learn

Batik is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing on cloth. The word batik comes from the Javanese word titik which means to dot. Batik artists usually decorate the cloth with hot wax poured out of a spouted tool called a tjanting to create repeated patterns with lines and dots.

Let's watch a video about a batik story.

Art Challenge

Batik design is all about repetitive patterns. Let's try to create a monochrome batik design by repeating some objects. (Shapes, nature etc)


30 minutes


- A5 Catridge Paper

- Markers