The Majestic Ocean

Watercolour Resist with Crayons

Lesson 3


Learning Activity 1

Watch and Learn

Watercolour Resist with Crayons

An oil pastel can create a waxy effect like traditional batik. 

Water-based paint is resistant to the waxy surface of oil pastels.


Let's watch a video to find out more. 

Art Challenge

Create some lines using white oil pastels - straight, wavy, thick, thin, continuous, dotted - the possibilities are endless! 


Next, paint over those lines using various water colours.

Let it dry, and look at the spectacular effects!


Next, try to sketch out a few sea creatures using white crayons. Repeat this wax-resist method.

(You may refer to the sea creatures sketch you did last lesson.)


30 minutes


- A5 Drawing Paper

- White Crayons

- Watercolours