In Monochrome

Exploring Self in monochromatic colours

Lesson 2

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Let's Recap!

Do you remember what is a monochromatic artwork?

Whose artwork did we look at last week?

Learning Activity 1

Lets look at this artwork using See / Think / Wonder.


What do you see?


What do you think is going on?


What does it make you wonder?

Relativity (1953)

M.C. Escher

Learning Activity 2

Let's watch a video to find our more about M.C. Escher and his artworks.

How is his artworks interesting?

Did   You   Know?


The Dutch artist M.C. Escher is known for creating unusual views of everyday objects and settings. His illustrations show spaces and scenes that would be impossible in real life. They also feature unexpected changes of one object into another. In other works he created street scenes or views of rooms that include many optical illusions and repeated patterns. What's fascinating is that they looked different depending on how one looks at them.

Art Challenge

Monochrome Fantasy with Shapes

What kind of basic shapes can you think of?

Let's create a monochrome artwork using repeated shapes.

  • Draw overlapping shapes

  • Use different shades from the same colour  


20 minutes


Drawing Paper



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