Britto Art
Expressing our school values through colours and shapes.
Lesson 1


Learning Activity 1
Lets look at this artwork using See / Think / Wonder.


Two Fish (2011)
Romero Britto

What do you see?

What do you think is going on?

What does it make you wonder?
What other materials can he use?


Did   You   Know?

Romero Britto is an artist whose art is inspired by both his positive and hopeful view of life, as well as his desire to see the world become a happier place.

Britto was born in Brazil, in 1963, to a very large family. He is a self-taught artist who, despite his extremely modest upbringing, painted throughout his childhood on newspapers, cardboard, and other scraps— whatever he could find. Romero painted what he saw in his world, and also what he saw in his mind as he envisioned a more beautiful future.

Britto’s style has become iconic, known for its warmth, bright and optimistic colors and shapes, and impressions of love.


Click here to take a look at some of his masterpieces.


Learning Activity 2

Britto's style of art has the influence of pop art and cubism, influenced by some of his favourite artists like Picasso and Matisse. It was through the appreciation of these modern masters that he came to develop his iconic style. Britto also often take inspiration from the things in his daily lives (e.g. flowers, butterflies, houses etc)

"I have always been interested and drawn to vibrant colors. Some of them are inspired by colours my son used to play with when he was growing up." -Britto

Let's watch a short video to find out more about Romero Britto and his vibrant and colourful style of art.


How do you feel about these artworks?

             Thumbs Up
if you like this them. 
             Thumbs Sideways
if you are not sure if you like them.

             Thumbs Down
if you do not like them.

What makes you say that?
Share your thoughts with a partner

How do you feel about his artworks?