A World of Wonder

Exploring Patterns & Abstraction in Art

Lesson 1

Composition VIII (1924)

Wassily Kandinsky

Composition VIII offers an abstract contrast between calm and chaos, through shapes and lines. Produced in 1923 by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, the painting consists of a variety of geometric shapes, colours, straight and curved lines set against a background of cream that melds at certain points into areas of pale blue.


The use of circles, grids, rectangles, semicircles, triangles and other mathematical forms in the artwork is consistent with the painter's belief in the mystical properties of geometric shapes while the colours on display are chosen for their emotional impact. Kandinsky, who had been fascinated with colour since an early age and considered them to have transcendental properties, wished to explore an interrelation between sound and colour that would allow a painter to produce an artwork in a similar manner to how a musician composes a song.

Art Challenge

Using the a combination of different geometic shapes, sketch a series of abstract compositions. 


30 minutes


Art Medium: 

- A4 Cartridge Paper

- Pencil

- Ruler