A World of Wonder

Exploring Patterns & Abstraction in Art

Lesson 1

Activity 1

Look at the artworks below. Let's talk about it using See / Think / Wonder.

Composition VIII (1924)

Wassily Kandinsky

As you look artwork, consider the following artistic processes:

1) Materiality: What materials did the artist use in the artwork?

2) Inspiration: What was the source of inspiration for the artwork?

3) Experimentation: What are some of the unique ideas that the artist used?


Pattern is a Principle of Design that is defined as regular arrangement of repeated same art elements such as line, shape, colours over and over again. Pattern usually increases the visual excitement by supplementing surface interest. 

Let's look at Kandinsky's Composition VIII once again.

Describe some of the patterns you see in this artwork.

Composition VIII (1924)

Wassily Kandinsky

Art Challenge

Using the art elements line & shape, create a series of 20 different patterns.


30 minutes


Art Medium: 

- A4 Cartridge Paper

- Markers