A World of Wonder

Exploring Patterns & Abstraction in Art

Lesson 4

Learning Activity 1

Coloured Pencils is a popular medium commonly used by artists . They are pencils that have a core of coloured pigment and protective casing made of wood. While standard pencils have a core of graphite and clay, a core of most of the colored pencils is made of wax, pigments, additives, and binding agents. Other colored pencils oil-based, water-soluble and some are even mechanical.

Let's watch the video below to see how coloured pencils are made.

oln paint brush.png

Did You Know?

- A single tree can produce the wood necessary for up to 300,000 colored pencil barrels which equals to over 8,000 average-sized sets. 

- Coloured pencils are generally considered to have the longest shelf-life of nearly all artist medium. There are reports of coloured pencils being found that are nearly a hundred years old and still work perfectly fine.

Think-Pair -Share

What is one interesting thing that you know or have discovered about coloured pencils? Share this with a partner.

Learning Activity 2

Here are some videos that will teach you how you to blend using coloured pencils.

Art Challenge

Add some colour to your artwork using coloured pencils. Try to use some of the techniques that you have learnt or experiment with new ones!


90 minutes


Art Medium: 

- Coloured Pencils