Visions of the Impossible

Exploring Dreams & Imagination 

Lesson 4

Learning Activity 1

Watch the video to learn how you can use the tools in Adobe Photoshop to create your Surreal artwork.

You can also access the video on YouTube  here.


You can also refer to notes in this document for additional help. 

Document Set-Up

Free Transform

Magic Wand

Edit Layers

Brightness & Contrast

Marquee Tool

Magnetic Lasso

File Save



Art Challenge

Create a surreal image using the selection tools in Adobe Photoshop. Remember to use the different techniques as used by Rene Magritte to make your image more interesting. 


1) Proportion:

    Making things much bigger/smaller than it is in reality


2) Juxtaposition:

     Combine different objects to make a new weird one


3) Element of Surprise / Shock :

     Putting objects in unexpected places


4) Repetition:

     Creating multiples of the same object.


5) Fragmentation:

     Dividing objects into different parts.