Pop Art Collage

Exploring Art & Consumerism :

Making Art Using Everyday Objects

Lesson 4

Activity 1

Watch the video to learn how you can compose your photos better.

9 Composition Tips for Photography

1) Rule of Thirds

2) Leading Lines

3) Diagonals

4) Framing

5) Figure To Ground

6) Fill The Frame

7) Centre Dominant Eye

8) Patterns & Repetition

9) Symmetry


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Art Challenge 1

In groups of 3 -4, you will go around the school and take photos of 10 objects that means the most to you during your 6 years in OLN. Post your photos in the padlet below. 

Art Challenge 2

Watch the video below to see how you can apply the skills you have learnt and create a pop art collage of OLN using the photos you have taken during the last lesson.