Visions of the Impossible

Exploring Dreams & Imagination 

Lesson 3

Learning Activity 1

Use the padlet below to share your best Surreal idea from your brainstorm session last lesson.

Activity 2

Watch the video to learn how you can search images using Google search more efficiently.

1) Launch your Google Chrome browser.

2) Type in your search item.

3) Click on Tools and change the size to Large.

4) Right-click on the image and select Save Image As.

5) Select My Work Space.

6) Create a New Folder for your images.

7) Type in the file name and save.

8) Repeat steps 1 - 4 for your subsequent images.

Art Challenge

Click Here to search for image relevant to your surreal ideas and save them into the designated folder.

Important Notes:

1) Search for photographs on white background.

2) Click on Tools and switch from Any Size to Large.

3) Click on image to expand.

4) Look out for any watermarks 

5) Right-click on image and save into your Work Space.