Prepare a nice warm cup of tea/coffee and some snacks to give you that extra boost of creativity.




We don't make mistakes.

Just little happy accidents.

- Bob Ross


It is okay to make mistakes. Find ways to turn them into beautiful oops!


Things will get messy! But rest assured it will all be well... (again)


Relax, have FUN and focus on the PROCESS of creating.


Bless this mess.

We shall clean up after this!

Stop overthinking.

Whatever happen, happens.

Let's get started!

Here's a simple guide to begin your paper scrapbooking journey!

Remember that these are only suggestions and not hard and fast rules you need to adhere to.

Feel free to adapt them to your preferences and let your creative ideas flow! 

1. Decide on the size of frame you would like to work on. (21 x 30 cm or 21 x 21 cm)

    Consider the area in which you would like to display this artwork. 

2. Choose a solid colour paper (background) and a patterned paper for layering.

    Consider the choice of colours or theme you are working with. 

4. Select the decorative cards you would like to use and cut them out.


5. Take your time to arrange them according to your preference


6. Choose an inspiring quote or words of affirmation to include in your artwork. 

    Ask your best friend (also known as Google).

    You may write them on the small kraft paper provided.


6. Arrange and layer the papers, letters and decorative cards again.

    Feel free to add or remove anything at this point.

    Secure them together using the adhesives provided.


7. Put them into the frame you have selected and VOILA!

    Your artwork is READY to be displayed!


For better user experience, admire it at least 3 times a day during your breaks!!!




As an exit ticket, upload a picture of your beautiful creations in the padlet below.

Insert your name in the Title section and in the description, share with us some of your thoughts and experiences by answering any of the questions below:

1) What did you learn during the art-making process?

2) How do you feel about your artwork?

3) What do you like about your artwork?

4) What would you do differently?

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