Animal Paper Collage

Exploring Shapes & Colours 

Lesson 2


Learning Activity 1

Look at the artifacts below.

Do you know what they are called? What do you think they symbolise?


Learning Activity 2

Let's watch the video below and listen to story about totem poles.

As you listen to it, think about some important values that you can learn from the story.

Which GRACIA values did the animals portray? What makes you say that?

Fun Fact:

A totem pole is a tall pole usually made of wood that is carved and painted with symbols, figures, or masks which represent different Native American tribes. The carved and painted faces on a pole represents the owner’s totem animal or bird. A totem was a person’s mythical ancestor and might help in gaining power in war, hunting, whaling, or other activities. A totem was honored and respected but not necessarily worshipped. You can learn more about Totem Poles by watching the following videos.

Let's Try Making a Totem Pole Online

Click on this link to try a fun activity allows you to make your own totem poles with associated meanings.


Share Your Learning

How do you feel about Totem Poles now?

You can use the Thinking Routine, "I used to think... But now I think..."

Share your thoughts with a partner.

Art Challenge

Think of 3 words to describe you. Think of animals that best represents the words.

Stack them on top of one another to design your personal totem pole.

You can start by drawing 3 simple shapes. 

Then fill in the shapes with the details and features of the animals.



40 minutes



- Pencil

- A4 Cartridge Paper