The Majestic Ocean

Watercolour Resist with Crayons

Lesson 4


Learning Activity 1

Watch and Learn

What are some other things you can find in the sea bed other than sea creatures?

Let's watch the video below.

About Coral Reef

A coral reef is made up of thousands of tiny animals called coral polyps. The group of coral grow in warm, tropical waters close to the surface and are usually found near areas with waves. The waves help bring in food, nutrients, and oxygen to support the plants and animals that live in the coral reefs


Cool Facts about Coral Reefs

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Art Challenge

You are given a task to design a large, open tank Sea Aquarium. 

What are the things you would like to include in your aquarium?  (Sea creatures, plants and others)


Next, we will do a watercolour resist with crayons on the Sea Aquarium you have created!


60 minutes


- Drawing Paper

- Pencils

- White Crayons

- Watercolours

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